What is Vivekananda Study Circle?

Vivekananda Study Circle in college with one hour duration. Every year Samartha Bharat parv and Vivekananda Jayanti festival are celebrated by the college Vivekananda study circle team. It’s an opportunity of the youths to experience of handling human source.

Thought behind Vivekananda Study Circle?

You will be as you think. If you consider yourself as weak, then you will become weak and if you consider yourself as capable, then you will become capable. The only solution to all problems of the world is trust ! trust ! trust !! Belief in self is faith in God. We need such youth who are passionately devoted to God and passionate about the Holy Spirit, taking hearty sympathy towards the poor and neglected, with the lion's prowess, the thousands of men and women, travelling from one corner of the country to the other. While delivering liberation, social upheaval, cooperation and equality message. This is what Swami Vivekananda has done with the youth of India. The ideological direction of the youth in philosophy Vivekananda Study Circle colleges is to strengthen this idea. This activity is conducted only through the youth in the colleges. The college team of Vivekananda study circle operates it. You can join with Study Circle to be part of the college campus.

Personality Development Camp at Vivekananda Study Circle?

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